KIST, Ribcage, and Death By Misadventure Bring Halloween Havoc to Lafayette

Article and photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

LAFAYETTE, IN (October, 21, 2017) – Halloween is a favorite holiday for many, so it’s no wonder that the Lafayette Theater wanted to start the celebration off early with a special show. It was a show to celebrate the day of the dead unlike any other as it brought not just one, but multiple spirited classics back from the past.

Ribcage started the evening off right with a plethora of covers from musical genius. They breathed new life into many masterpieces, some from the peak of grunge mania which proved to be crowd pleasing favorites. Their stylings traveled the gamut from Rage Against the Machine all the way to Stone Temple Pilots, and by the end of Ribcage’s amazing set the crowd was beyond excited to find out how many more tricks the theater had up their sleeve.

Death By Misadventure came on next with a AC/DC tribute that could hardly be differentiated from the real thing. The eager audience watched on with glee as each and every song exploded with a power load off the stage. They cheered as the melodic dynamite melted their faces and they begged for more. Death By Misadventure solidified the night as an unforgettable Halloween performance, yet somehow the Lafayette Theater still had the best treat yet to come.

KIST took the stage with the finesse of the finest of rock gods, and were immediately greeted with a thunderous roar of approval from the crowd. From the passionate playing and vocals right down to the iconic dress code this band was right on par. Every single artist in the band are experts at their craft, and they played with a passion that oozed off the stage and permeated the crowd. It was obviously by the star struck look on the faces of everyone in the house that these gentlemen are hands down one of the best KISS tributes in the country if not the world.

KIST, Ribcage, and Death By Misadventure definitely brought their own breed of Halloween Havoc to the Lafayette Theater. They set a high standard for the holiday right out of the gate, and it will undoubtedly be a tough act to follow. If this beautiful evening is an example of what the rest of Halloween has in store for the Lafayette Theater then book a hotel and get tickets now because not a single second of their upcoming excellent adventures should be missed!

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