The Seven Sins Personified: Lust (Extended Edition)


The Seven Sins Personified: Lust (Extended Edition) – Written by Alexander X. Laymen

My life forever changed when I bumped into her. I fell head over heels for this woman, and I could tell that she felt the same about me. Our lives intertwined, and nothing could untangle them. It started with us talking on the phone, and then it moved to seeing each other for dinner. The fact that she treated me to dinner every weekend made me think that she was the true one for me, and I fell deeper in love with her often grasping at the thought of buying a home together. I wanted something like that, and it excited me.

She asked me to spend a day at her house soon after our fifth weekend at my favorite restaurant, so I agreed to do a sleepover. I told myself that everything would be all right, and she would understand if I did something to embarrass myself. Once there and inside her place it struck me as a quaint little home, and it was even equipped with a fireplace donning a mahogany mantle that had several knickknacks lined up from one end to the other. Everything was so hypnotizing to me that I never noticed her leaving the living room.

Not knowing what to do, I sat down in a love seat next to a window which had a dark blanket covering it. Minutes went by, and there was no sign of her which was starting to worry me. I became fearful that she might have gotten hurt doing something in the kitchen, or maybe she slipped while taking a quick shower. Instead of worrying about her, though, I should have been worrying for my own life. She came back wearing something that was very revealing. My heart skipped a beat as she began shaking her hips and licking her lips. It was crazy to think that I might just love this woman. My sweet spot was aching, and I was already wet. It was something that my body wanted, ached for, and I was ready for her to take me… that was until she pulled out a whip from behind her back.

Gripping it tightly she cracked the whip to the floor sending chills throughout my body. Next when she ordered me to strip in front of her, well, then I knew she was going take over my whole being. She ordered me to remove everything… except for my panties. She wanted the honor of removing them herself. I did as I was told, removing my shirt, bra, and dropping my skirt.

The sight of my pink polka dot panties made her giggle with sheer excitement, and with that she bent me over and spread my legs. She slowly pulled them past my ass and down my thighs revealing how wet I really was. I let out a soft moan as she ran her finger over my moist snatch; it was a feeling that made me want to buck. My moaning continued getting louder as she slowly slid one finger after another into my body. I had something serious going on when suddenly she pulled her fingers out leaving me wanting more. Then she pushed me to my knees, and told me to crawl to the kitchen table.

On all fours, I crawled across the marble flooring wincing each time the whip slashed my rear nearly bringing me to tears. It felt as if the table were miles away, and I would never reach it. Just when I gained the strength to crawl again it happened… My master groped me from behind, lightly tugging at the rings that hung from my hardened nipples. I moaned loudly as she began massaging and bouncing my breasts as if they were some type of ball that she could dribble. It was so close to me, but I was so far away, and when she left my chest I knew that it had to be then. I had to break for the table, but my freedom was short-lived as the vibrations put me into a state of constant pleasure. My master was good to me, and I was grateful for her pleasing me as she does.


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