Houndmouth Electrifies Hoosiers

Originally published in Through the Lens Magazine on June 12, 2016


Article and photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – One of the first extraordinarily hot days in Indiana brought with it an equally scorching performance at the MacAllister Amphitheater. MOKB presents brought the talent that so many fans came out in the heat to witness, and the show would be worth every second under the sun. The amazing musical men that they were all waiting to see were none other than Indiana’s own Houndmouth, and they brought with them the spectacular talents of Anderson East and Los Colognes as part of the WTTS Summer Concert Series at Garfield Park.

Los Colognes started the show with a phenomenal set that put a kick in the step of all the concert goers meandering towards the amphitheater. There energetic melodies drew in the crowd that had a hard time finding seats when all they wanted to do was dance along. The band brought their talents all the way from Nashville, Tennessee where they formed in 2012. Los Colognes consists of Jay Rutherford on vocals & guitar, Aaron Mortenson on drums & vocals, Gordon Persha on bass, Micah Hulscher on keys, Chuck Foster on keys, and Wojtek Krupka on guitar. Individually their skills are amazing, but wrapped together on stage that night they became unstoppable brilliance, and although the crowd was ready for the headliner they hated to see the set end.


Anderson East took over the already warmed up, if not almost overheated crowd. He knew just how to handle the situation, though, as he approached the stage with his cool demeanor that was just chill enough, but with just enough fire to keep the masses glued into their dancing shoes. East and his spectacularly talented crew are definitely the darlings of Indianapolis having visited already this year yet still drawing multitudes in show after show. His fans are just as devoted to him now as they’ve ever been, and no matter how popular this southern gentleman gets he is still every bit as humble and appreciative of every single one. He can fill a smaller club, or a bigger venue like the MacAllister Amphitheater yet he still takes the time to interact with the crowd from the stage, and make sure that they are having every bit as good of a time as he is.

DSC_6425 DSC_6527

Finally, after a short intermission it was time for the evening’s headliner. Houndmouth mounted the stage like men on a mission, and judging by their dapper wardrobe that mission was about to involve more rock and roll charm than even Elvis could have mustered. Their beautiful appearances and more than happy demeanors were likely brought on by how close the men were to home. Many of their friends and family had come to catch the show for the evening, and as with any fine folk from these parts they were eager to impress their kin. Houndmouth originally comes from New Albany, Indiana, and were formed on November 15, 2011. The band is made up of Matt Myers, Shane Cody, and Zak Appleby, and were joined by many fine musicians to help them with their harmonies for the evening. At the sight of their headliner the audience became electrified anew, and charged the barricade with a traditional Hoosier hospitality which entails eagerly yet somehow still politely competing for the best view. From the first note to the final moments of their set it seemed the entire park was completely in synch with their Hoosier bred heroes, and each other.

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Every town loves to see their own succeed, but there really is a special kind of love amongst Hoosiers in the great state of Indiana, and Houndmouth personifies this extra devotion. They looked out at the crowd in MacAllister Amphitheater not just as their fans, but as their family. They gifted every single person in the house with a connectivity that is thicker than blood brought on by their man made musical miracles. Despite the odds and the rampant rumors of tragedy that plagued the great state of Indiana over the last few years these men prevailed. Houndmouth rose above it all, and continue to stay the course at full speed ahead. They sailed up on the air waves of their harmonies until they were as high as the stars above corn country, and just like true Hoosiers they made sure to take every single patron of Garfield Park right on up to skies with them that night. In fact, all of the bands that graced MacAllister Amphitheater’s stage on that warm June night blessed the congregation with a humble illumination that will be remembered by all for a long time to come in this quiet little Midwest state.

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Melodie Yvonne

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