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Many other popular questions about Melodie and her work are answered in the FAQs. Save the email wait, and check out Melodie’s current Top 3 FAQs  of the week below plus visit the FAQs Page for even more FAQ Fun.

Is it ok if I share one of your images on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. or use it as my profile pic?

Yes, that’s totally fine. You don’t need to contact me for permission to share a photo of yourself on social media.

I very much appreciate that you like my work, and love that you like it enough to share. Just don’t alter if at all possible, and no selling, and throw out a credit line if you can… “photo by Photographic Melodie” on Facebook or “photo by @melodieyvonne” on Twitter, Instagram, and everywhere else.

I’m a musician/venue. Can I hire Melodie for my concert/event/tour?

Yes, absolutely! I travel worldwide. Please contact me at with a description of your needs, and I’ll get back to you about rates and availability as soon as possible, or get more info now HERE

Melodie took a photo of me at the event I attended. Where can I find that photo?

First, try searching for the event that you attended in the search bar under the menu, or visit the Concert & Events gallery, and choose the year of the event you attended. Your photo should be in its event photo gallery. Simply select info & view the photo at FULL SIZE. Then right click & save image. If you don’t see your photo in the gallery of its event’s photo gallery then, unfortunately, it did not come out due to poor lighting or poor focusing on my part. If it’s not in the gallery it doesn’t exist. Please forgive me, and come join me at another event, so I can have another shot!

For questions about booking Melodie for your event & photo sessions you can get more info HERE, or for any other inquiries not found in the FAQs please feel free to contact Melodie at

Sorry, concert images of performers are not for sale without their written permission.

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