Rhyming and Lyrics – Thoughtful Goodnight

Thoughtful Goodnight by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

Dedicated to Nel Hoon ❤

I’m in a strange town feelin’ lost in my head
It’s one of those days I’d feel better off dead
But still for some reason I fight for my life
‘Cause she says “I am thoughtful goodnight”

This lady I’m speakin’ of lights up the sun
Every moment of her is a moment of fun
She tells me I’m worth it and fights for my rights
Then she says “I am thoughtful goodnight”

I’m lost in the dark when she closes those eyes
It tears up my heart to say those goodbyes
I won’t turn away, I won’t turn out that light
But she still says “I am thoughtful goodnight”

One day all too soon she’s plannin’ on leavin’
I’ll break out my smile a mile wide ‘stead of grievin’
‘Cause this gorgeous lady done lit up my life
When she said “I am thoughtful goodnight”

Oh yea now
This wonderous woman done lit up my life
When she said “I am thoughtful goodnight”

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