Photographic Melodie’s Best Rhymes, Reviews, and Interesting Tidbits of 2017

Article & photos by Melodie Yvonne

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (January 1, 2018) – 2018 is here, but I’m not sure if it will be a match for 2017. Check out Photographic Melodie’s top 10 concert reviews, interesting tidbits, and rhyming & lyrics of 2017, and share your favorites with me in the comments!

Top 10 Concert Reviews of 2017

*top 10 is based on views during 2017 not publish date

1. Blind Melon Dazzles Denver

2. The Doom Room Hosts Powerful Night of GORGASM at Lafayette Theater

3. The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band Bewitches Broad Ripple

4. Photo Gallery – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony @ Lafayette Theater 5-13-2017

5. Photo Gallery – Yesterday’s Chips and The Sluts @ Lafayette Theater 5-27-2017

6. Field Day at The Doom Room 2017

7. Over 20 Musician Tribute to Sgt. Pepper’s A Musical Miracle

8. Bizarre Noir’s 4th Annual Big Crazy Circus Seduces Fountain Square

9. BONer Jo VI Brings Bliss To Jerilee’s

10. The Doom Room’s 100th Show @ Carnahan Hall 2-18-2017

Top 10 Interesting Tidbits of 2017

*top 10 is based on views during 2017 not publish date

1. The Legendary Legacy of Shannon Hoon

2. Midwest Hype’s Nightglow is Illuminating

3. Three with Photographic Melodie – Nel Hoon and Flea Market Pete

4. Joon Wolfsberg’s 1220 Wells Street Is Now Where My Ears Live

5. Photo Gallery – Cabaret @ Purdue Theatre 2-14-2017

6. Photo Gallery – The Sins of Sor Juana @ Purdue Theatre 11-8-2017

7. Sasha Brown’s Hypnotizing Improvisations Make History

8. Photo Gallery – The Mousetrap @ Purdue Theatre 9-19-2017

9. In Depth Interview with Black Eddie

10. Grabby Groupies and Moshing Through Men – A Female Photographer’s Fairy Tale

Top 10 Rhyming & Lyrics of 2017

*top 10 is based on views during 2017 not publish date

1. My Love Melody

2. Jogging Sideways

3. The Party Lingers On

4. Stealing Home

5. Dirty Little Spills

6. Thoughtful Goodnight

7. Spark

8. Pixelated Nation

9. 80 Grams

10. Honey Baby

Did your favorites make the list? Let me know in the comments!

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Melodie Yvonne

Melodie Yvonne Ramey, owner, editor, & contributor at Photographic Melodie, grew up in the small southern Indiana town of North Vernon. She picked up her first camera at the young age of 5, and was immediately hooked. Every trip, even just to the local park, was turned into a fantasy scene of her own imagination that would later be turned into epic tales in word and photos.

Melodie spent her teen years learning from and mentoring under professionals such as Richard Young, John Sheckler, and The Grand Conundrum. She received an Associates of Applied Science in Visual Technologies majoring in Photography from Ivy Tech in 2002 after studying under acclaimed professors such as Hoosier photographer Darryl Jones, Jonathan Wilson, and many other masters in the field.

Melodie’s main focus has always been music photography. Growing up with photography and listening to amazing musicians inspired her dream to create visual images that made people feel the way they do when they hear the music. She wanted to help people SEE the music by capturing every magical moment of concerts that she could only dream about as she gazed into music magazines like Rolling Stone and Spin.

Melodie has done numerous jobs around the country ranging from working for bands to even being the official photographer on many southern Indiana Poker Runs. Her specialties are in nature, music, and candid event photography, as well as one of a kind photographic creations. Melodie published her first print book Photographic Memories: In the Beginning, a collection of poetry, in 2011, and has since published 2 more print works, Photographic Memories: Meet me in the Middle and Hoosier Heavens, her first photo book. Melodie currently acts as publisher, editor & lead contributor at Photographic Melodie and does freelance work with many other media outlets, venues, and artists.

Melodie says, “I started out with a Tweety bird camera and a dream and I never let go. I will always love photography and the vessel it has given me to share the images of my heart and mind with the world. I have found that every single person on this earth visualizes the world in very different ways. Some people are optimists, some are pessimists. Some people are daydreamers, and others keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. Photography allows me to show some of these different visualizations. It allows the rationalist to see that it’s okay to dream, it can show the monsters hidden in the dark, and it can show even the saddest of people that there is still joy in the world.”

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