Three with Photographic Melodie – Nel Hoon and Flea Market Pete


Three with Photographic Melodie – Nel Hoon and Flea Market Pete by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

LAFAYETTE, IN – I have wanted to jump into the interview game for many a moon, so I decided what better time than now. I like to keep things short and simple since my attention span at times mirrors that of a 2-year-old on crack, so I decided to stick to a theme that would keep things in line. I fell back on my favorite number for a motif, the magic number 3, and so my first segment will be just three simple interview questions. Now anytime I think of the magic number three I also think of one of my favorite musicians, Shannon Hoon, who harbored the same love for the number as I do. This made my first interview choice immediately obvious. One of my favorite humans on this earth is the lovely and gracious Nel Hoon, so what better way to begin Three with Photographic Melodie than with the beautiful mother of an extraordinary artist that most likely would have completely understood my insane numbers game. So, without further ado, may I introduce to you Nel Hoon and her adorable and rambunctious sidekick Flea Market Pete.

Melodie: I see you getting gifts and stuff from all over the place and you get to try different foods, so I’m curious of what in all your travels and the people you’ve met what you’ve got to try that sticks in your mind?

Nel: Oh See’s! See’s lollipops, See’s Candy. A girl from California used to bring me that at Christmas. Mimi sent me a box of that, and I’m so stingy with it. The first time I ever tried it was when she came here, and I think at that time you couldn’t get it any place except at airports, and then she sent me a box of candy at Christmas time. Ok, something else, I always get this Italian cream cake and Italian cream cookies. I can’t hardly share that either.

Melodie: So, everybody knows that you have spent your life as quite the hottie, and so I am very curious and I bet a lot of other people are curious as well, if you could have stolen any of the Blind Melon guys which one would you have taken for yourself?

Nel: Ok, back in the day, Rogers was way too smart. I would have been totally intimidated by him. Glen was totally too quiet, couldn’t have dealt with that. Uh, I think I probably would have taken Christopher.

Nel Hoon posing for an unknown photographer

Nel Hoon posing for an unknown photographer

Melodie: Other than Blind Melon what are some of your favorite musical influences now or in the past that you think people should check out?

Nel: James Taylor is probably one of my favorites. You’re not even gonna believe this, how I could go from James Taylor to… Axl Rose. I’m telling you, Welcome to the Jungle. Actually, just about any of the 70’s and 80’s groups. Maggie May was one of my favorite songs of all time. Oh! Elton John. I did go see Elvis Presley, but you know what, he was always my sister’s favorite. He really never was mine, and I think the only reason I got to go see him is her husband wouldn’t let her go, and I got her ticket, and I saw him at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, and I think that was also the first time where I got to see Shannon on stage… We’ll have to look that up. I’m pretty sure that was the same place that I had years and years ago seen Elvis.


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