Bizarre Noir Bestows Christmas Blessings On Fountain Square Brewing Co.

Article & photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (December 1, 2017) – It’s extraordinarily hard to venture out of one’s Hoosier home on such a cold evening, but there are a few things that it’s just simply a crime to miss. These favorite things often occur in a beautiful little section of Indianapolis known as Fountain Square. This quaint little village located just next to downtown is always alive with activity. It was rumored that Fountain Square Brewing Co. was the place to be on this extra special First Friday in particular. The popular hangout was already alight with a charming crowd that could be seen spilling out of the doors and warming the night upon arrival. They were not only there for the beautiful art exhibition. There would also be a performance by one of Indy’s favorite bands, and the house was electric with anticipation. The astounding musicians about to bestow their gifts on the house were the brilliant men of Bizarre Noir.

Bizarre Noir was staging their very own eccentric Nightmare Before Christmas, and as always there was no doubt they would awe and astound the crowd. It was standing room only as the band’s reputation preceded them, and even more people poured in the door as the set time neared. The gentlemen took the stage, and brought with them a plethora of Yuletide temptresses that could even stop the great St. Nicholas right in his tracks. The audience was completely mesmerized, and at their mercy throughout the show.

Bizarre Noir’s whole set consisted of original song’s that seduced the crowd faster than a sorcerer’s spell. The music slithered off the stage as slick as Santa down a chimney, and encircled the audience like presents around a tree. The house was entranced by Bizarre Noir’s wildly whimsical melodies, and the band’s set flew by as fast as Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. They capped off the night with a groovilicious serving of their song “Nuclear Rainbow” that only left the fans longing for more.

Long after Bizarre Noir’s set was over many lingered for an encore or simply for the chance to meet the magical minds behind the evening’s performance. It’s not just the men behind the music that garnered the attention either. The beautiful ladies performing with them were every bit as wonderous teaching women it’s ok to be comfortable with their own bodies, and to never be afraid to dance. The unabashed originality of these men and women was a blessing to every single person in the Fountain Square Brewing Co., and will remain an inspiration to all for many, many moons to come.

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Photo and video footage shot for Photographic Melodie by Melodie Yvonne Ramey. Shot with Nikon D800E
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