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INDIANAPOLIS, IN (June 29, 2017) – It is often argued among scholars that the phrase “cellar door” is the most beautiful in the English language. This truth has been passed down for generations, however, the time has finally come for the term to be unseated as a totalitarian literary giant. Recently, it became clear to every single person in the vicinity of Broad Ripple in Indianapolis, Indiana that the most beautiful words in the English language are actually the words “I Love You All The Time”. This vibrant new verbiage is quickly taking the title away from “cellar door” as Dahlia Presents helped gather Eagles of Death Metal devotees in numbers to spread the band’s message of rock and roll love throughout Broad Ripple.

The beautiful phrase “I Love You All Time” is not just the Eagles of Death Metal’s serenade to the world. It is a song from their album, Zipper Down, which they encouraged bands everywhere to cover with proceeds going to the Sweet Stuff Foundation‘s “Play It Forward” campaign to aid victims of the terrorist attacks suffered at their concert in Paris in 2015. Many artists with true heart did covers to contribute to the cause. Phenomenal renditions came from musical powerhouses like Sonny Boy Thorn and Faster Pussycat and even a version was created by the legendary Elton John.

It’s not a surprise that the musicians of Eagles of Death Metal have no problem evoking a strong type of compassion from others. The benevolent gesture of the “Play It Forward” campaign as well as many others following the horrendous events in Paris is what really showed the true characters of these phenomenal artists. They did not just save themselves, but continued to save hundreds more by waging a war against terror through the power of music. Their skills are unsurpassed, and their attitudes go above and beyond to exemplify how humans should behave from the second they set foot into a town until the moment they leave.

This sterling reputation for sex, drugs, rock & roll, AND compassion is what has the fans coming together in droves to support the iconic band. This held true as the sidewalk in front of The Vogue Theater continued to fill. The line stretched farther than the eye could see, and held a congregation every bit as big-hearted as the great artists themselves. Little did they know the night ahead held many deserved wonders, and the surprises began immediately for many with a visit from EODM frontman Jesse Hughes while waiting for entry.


The crowd’s collective smile was way bigger than a mile wide as they strolled into the venue in a dream like state after most having just met their idol. The amazing staff at The Vogue kept all of the patrons happy from the security check all the way down to the stage as show time neared. Then, somehow, in a move defying any concert logic, the show began exactly on time proving again why this miracle making venue is one of the top in the state and most likely the nation.

The Battery Electric took the stage first to get the house warmed up. They played an amazing set from start to finish including mind-blowing performances of many original songs. A huge fan favorite, “Heathen”, was among the sumptuous set list, and it got the crowd riled up until they were acting a little like heathens themselves. The band’s energy was amazing, and it radiated out to the crowd. The house was suddenly filled with an effervescence harmony re-energizing in perpetual motion as long as The Battery Electric performed on that stage. All too soon their set ended, but the electrified crowd was more than ready for the headlining act.


Eagles of Death Metal set foot on stage, and immediately had an incredible repertoire with the audience. It suddenly felt as if The Vogue were a giant house party, and the fun was just getting started. Frontman Jesse Hughes spoke to the crowd as if they were kin while reminiscing about the band’s time in the Hoosier state with genuine affection. Indiana happens to be the homeland of Jesse’s grandfather, so his feelings for the state and its inhabitants run deep. It’s true that the eyes are the window to the soul, and that deep Hoosier passion shined right out of Jesse’s pupils as he spoke to the crowd. In fact, it’s most likely that he wears those ever so popular sunglasses not just for looks, but to protect his fans from that brilliant twinkle that radiates out of those peepers with a sparkle brighter than the sun.


The band played a plethora of original music as well as an extraordinary cover of David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream“. A brief hooting and hollering competition was won by the lovely ladies in the house, and EODM promptly rewarded them with an irresistibly seductive version of “Cherry Cola“. Of course, the show wouldn’t be complete without the crowd pleasing favorite “I Love You All The Time“, and EODM delivered it so exquisitely that the melody might as well have been gift wrapped with a bow and hand delivered to each admirer in attendance.


Inevitably the end of the set became a reality, but the crowd was blessed with an unexpected encore treat. Jesse Hughes stepped on to the stage alone to share a moment with the audience and grant them just one wish. He asked the fans what they wanted to hear, and then obliged them with an amazing rendition of “Midnight Creeper“. The band then rejoined him to follow-up the already phenomenal performance with a few more songs including a face meltingly beautiful rendering of “I Want You So Hard (The Boy’s Bad News)“.


Throughout the show Jesse cared for every single member of the audience and EODM just like family. He praised bassist Jennie Vee for her stunning beauty as well as her talents, he made sure their sound engineer, Shawn London, had an amazing birthday with an impromptu crowd serenade, and he even mopped the sweat off the brow of extraordinary guitarist Dave Catching every time he mopped his own. Although to some these gestures might seem silly, to those that know better they are actions that truly speak louder than words. Hughes is not in it for the money. He’s not in it for the fame. He genuinely cares for every second of what he does and for every single person in his life. Jesse Hughes embodies the beliefs he holds true in his heart, and he uses his blessing to bestow what he can on others. An amazing frontman like Hughes is what makes a band great, and what made the show at The Vogue Theatre so wondrously awesome.


It was honestly difficult to come up with words powerful enough to describe a band whose mere name is a force to be reckoned with in itself. It’s also an impossibility to find a phrase as beautiful as any of the lyrics written by Eagles of Death Metal, but the looks on the faces of the fans at the end of the evening said it all. There was an aura of ecstasy that swirled and danced around the crowd as they sauntered back out into the night. EODM didn’t just give their fans a show. They gave them a feeling of bliss that can only come from experiencing true artistic brilliance, and it was a gift that each and every one would keep with them the rest of their lives. “I Love You All Time” would no longer be just a song to these sublime souls. Henceforth, they would know it as a phrase that brought the hearts of nations together, and it would be these beautiful words that would shape their own hearts and lives forevermore.

Check out the full gallery from Dahlia Presents Eagles of Death Metal w/The Battery Electric at The Vogue Theatre below, and keep scrolling for video highlights as well as the EODM fan photo gallery!

Check out video highlights from Dahlia Presents Eagles of Death Metal w/The Battery Electric at The Vogue Theatre below, and keep scrolling for the EODM fan photo gallery!

Keep scrolling for the EODM fan photo gallery below!

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Check out the EODM fan photo gallery from Dahlia Presents Eagles of Death Metal w/The Battery Electric at The Vogue Theatre below!

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