Succubus – Written by Alexander X. Laymen

I started with my regular routine of flirtation followed by kisses up and down his neck. It was easy enough, getting him to stick his hands down my pants, playing with my new toy. He seemed to enjoy rubbing one particular spot. It drove me crazy, the way that he ran his fingers over the slit, stopping at that spot, and then rubbing it until it hurt. I clutched at his hair and tugged, but it made things worse as he would work his fingers in more as he continued to rub. The desire to have him inside me was so great that I would damn near kill for his shaft, and that was no joke.

My face was completely flush with utter ecstasy as he wriggled his fingers deeper and deeper into my void. There was no in between moment for me to catch my breath. He unbuttoned my pants with agile speed leaving me in gasps as he nearly ripped my under clothing off my quivering bottom. His tongue was like a snake, slithering inside the thing that he called, ‘the snatch.’ I could not help but moan loudly and buck as he began slurping at that spot he loved so much. That amazing feeling… to have him swelled as he began to take his clothes off slowly exposing his erect shaft, and seeing one long and thick as no other that I had seen in my previous times. This man was the worst that I’ve ever had when it came to using it correctly, though, and I thought I did something wrong when it only took him a mere two minutes to pull himself out which was my queue to get on my knees. I took his throbbing cock into my mouth and began bobbing my head on it, tracing my tongue over his most sensitive spot. It felt like an eternity, though it was only a minute before I had his hot load in my mouth. This rendered him lifeless, of course, for his soul came with that disgusting stuff.

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