On Wednesday I’m Yearning


On Wednesday I’m Yearning by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

A servant in love is all that I am
It doesn’t come with the glitz or the glam
In fact at times it can be underhanded
I abide my whole life, and I don’t understand it

I sit in this pain, I’m hiding I cried
I sit back and watch as the universe lies
I’m worn out and karma’s not keepin’ it even
I’m tired of this life and I’m ready to leave it

I’m tryin’ to be positive, tryin’ to stay free
but this negative bullshit just won’t let me be
I thought that I stood up and walked away but
I’ve fell in the same mess I’m in everyday

I couldn’t just end it ’cause that’s just not me
I need to find something to make me feel free
I’m looking for solace, some phallical magic
To end all these feelings making my heart sick

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