The Seven Sins Personified: Wrath


The Seven Sins Personified: Wrath – Written by Alexander X. Laymen

The torment came with extreme agony, and every sliver peeled from my body brought high-pitched screams to the surface. Those screams were followed by bouts of choking as he poured a tall glass of steaming piss down my gullet, but that was nothing compared to the next type of torture he had up his sleeve. From the corner of my eye, I could see him digging through a large chest, throwing out various weapons from daggers to short swords. I watched as he pulled out a pair of pliers, small in size, but still a weapon. He stood nearly twelve inches in front of my face, baring his rotten teeth as he showed me his next torture device. There is nothing like a boost of adrenalin to keep you awake… as a crooked son of a bitch rips out every tooth that you possess.

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