Sword Beach Lures Fans Into Permanent Vacation


Article originally published in Through The Lens Magazine on December 6, 2016

Article and photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – It’s rare that one single artist can inspire such a large amount of people in such a short amount of time, but, of course, if anybody could do it there is no surprise that the miracle worker is Jared Watson from Dirty Heads. Teasers from his side project, Sword Beach, have been baiting fans for months, and with the first single release it has gone from 0 to 60 faster than the Millennium Falcon in hyperdrive.

“Vacation Forever” ft. Prodigy & Know-Madik is the debut single selling Sword Beach to the world, and Jared Watson is definitely more of a realtor romancing us with a summer home than a sleazy salesman with a timeshare. The video is written and co-directed by Watson himself and Jay Teegarden, and it is absolutely captivating in its dramatic simplicity. The video fades in on a shovel slowly being dragged away from the camera, but this act that normally signifies something foreboding is taken to a whole new level with the added touch of a bright yellow smiley face staring back at the watcher and reeling them in. The music begins, and right from the very first note I’m lost in it and never wanna come back. Jared begins to spit his lyrics, and the words flow from his lips like a hot knife through butter. Even the first verse alone is more than just a beautiful place to visit with Watson’s sticky sweet tone making me cling to every syllable alongside his old school hip hop rhyming skills.

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The beautiful artists that Jared chooses to work with are every bit as phenomenal as Watson himself. Prodigy breaks into his lines with a deep sultry voice that could lure a listener faster and more sensuously than the great pipes of Pan. His words seem to come effortlessly, and they slide into my ear with just as much ease. Suddenly he’s done, and the chorus breaks back in leaving me wondering how it is over so quickly, and where I can get more Prodigy melodies immediately.

Know-Madik’s up at the mic next, and he not only proves himself to be a lyrical genius, but an epic survivor as well. The amazingly down to earth rap artist is a perfect example of a beautiful human being almost immediately reaching out to his new found Sword Beach fans to thank them for their support and to share his story. Know-Madik is an open book, and in one of many interactions with his fans online he says, “I wrote that verse when I had just left the ER and I was already ill again . . . it’s all true. I kicked cancer’s ass, and that verse is the first thing I wrote after . . .” Know-Madik’s heroic struggle has not dimmed his bright soul. Instead it has given him a fierce heart that shines through in his verbiage, and makes him a true inspiration to his newly found devotees. All of the love springing from him has even already created a side group away from the Sword Beach Samurais full of loyal subjects newly dubbed the KnowMe’s, and all dubbed by Know-Madik as kings and queens in their own right.

All in all Sword Beach’s “Vacation Forever” is definitely a place you want to live permanently, so I doubt anyone can blame me for currently still having this joint on repeat. These three men are absolutely tantalizing, and have a chemistry not often seen since the long gone days of the King AdRock, MCA, and Mike D. Although it is Watson at the helm we can only hope that he keeps these gentleman along on his journey for a little bit longer portion of the trip. I guess all we can do is hold our collective breaths, and hope for a little more to satiate our desires on the upcoming Sword Beach full album release.

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Watch the “Vacation Forever” video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELKekTvyeP4

Watch the “Vacation Forever” video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELKekTvyeP4
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