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INDIANAPOLIS, IN (JUNE 15, 2019) – I recently made a glorious discovery in the form of an online mystery trail created by the newly exploding hiphop/bluegrass phenomenon, Gangstagrass. The giant interactive puzzle created by the mastermind of the group himself, Rench, is an ingenious feat that could easily be one of the most complicated enigmas ever created. Get in on the fun now by joining the Facebook group Gangstagrass Barnstormers follow the mystery trail!, and check out all of the clues together in one place below to learn some astonishing musical history, find hidden treasures like FREE music, and help solve the mystery!


You purchase the trucker hat and get sent a secret code:

T046 D458 O917 I244 D563 N418 G939 S526 R1.61 H989 E803 C874 C030 S576 U820 O436 A484 I683 N398 L286 O811 T772 M980 A213 H862 S544 A270 N890 S970 I720 H720 O281

This is letters followed by three digit sections of the golden ratio (1.618 . . .) when the numbers are put in order the letters read:


Two scraps of letter written from “Maybelle” to “Jim” about a child. Plus three thin strips of lines that when assembled read “/yearthegirlwasborn”

Trail Stop #3: RENCHAUDIO.COM/1928

One more scrap of the letter written from “Maybelle” to “Jim” about a child. Lots of photos of the Carter family, and a child that appears in one copy but not another, or blacked out by a black box. download .zip file of the photos, the file names are all alphabetic shift cyphers of “givenup”

Zip file photos…


Lots of images of things from 1937, a picture with a code that links to that is password protected. Password is “clinchmountain”. (My Clinch Mountain Home is a song by the Carter Family)



A QR Code on the password protected page led to this stop showing a police report and a form to set up a username to log in. Once registered, a 5×5 grid appears that fills as users log in. Each log in lasts on the grid for one hour. 25 users must be logged in within an hour to get to the next stop.

Once the grid was filled the following image was revealed, which reads “They’ll be expecting slash ogdens”…

Current challenge – Trail Stop #6: CLINCHMOUNTAINMUTINY.COM/OGDENS/
The revealed grid image led to /ogdens and more image clues as well as an exclusive Rench remix. Check out the images at CLINCHMOUNTAINMUTINY.COM/OGDENS/


The last set of clues led to another set of puzzling images as well as a little something to stick in your ears, and a mysterious twitter feed that needs followed at
Check out all the images now at
Barnstormers were directed to DM the mysterious twitter account (, and each received pieces of a code that when put together revealed a pattern and the words “CODECORRIEBETH”
@zenoawareness then instructed to DM the code, and replied with a new code, “99 108 105 110 99 104 109 111 117 110 116 97 105 110 109 117 116 105 110 121 46 99 111 109 47 111 114 105 103 105 110”, which when translated led to a password protected page at
Further posts from the twitter account in the form of movie screenshots with partially redacted subtitles led to the password “let’s go”
Clues at /origin included page 7 and many references to Origin and Destination which led to a numbers game at
Winning the numbers game accessed the high scores as well as the link to the next trail stop at
Another set of puzzling images as well as some musical treasures and a log with information to the next trail stop hidden within that led to /hiboone
/hiboone revealed that a cape had to be order by each barnstormer. Upon filling in the info the screen refreshes to the words “cape ordered. will ship when 39 orders are received”, “you are on the trail but there must be 39 orders”, and the current order count as well as a counter moving backwards under the headline “travel in time to”

Here is everything in the way of research or current hypotheses on this right now that might be relevant after going over the entire set of clues. Please feel free to comment any other clue possibilities that may need added to the list…

June Carter and a 1928 Gibson L-5 guitar

Maybelle Carter, Jimmie Rodgers, Jay Z, Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and an illegitimate child maybe born in 1928 and related to Jay-Z

If it doesn’t line up with actual history thats OK, this may be uncovering something the history books don’t know, or maybe its fictional

A letter written from “Maybelle” (Maybelle Carter) to “Jim” (Jimmie Rodgers) about a child?

A mysterious police report that definitely has something to do with the story going forward

The years 1928, 1937, 1939

Possible test subjects sent through a time travel device, but shorter time distances unsuccessful.
Thomas Lawson from the police report was likely a time travel test subject.
Corriebeth is a test subject as well being sent 100 years in the future from 1939 landing in 2039. Also Corriebeth has made friends with an AI geological survey drone.

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