Gangstagrass Tantalizes Hoosiers with Hip-Hop Twang at HiFi

Photos & videos by Melodie Yvonne

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (May 15, 2019) – Gangstagrass with Native Sun performed live for a phenomenal crowd of hip-hop and bluegrass connoisseurs alike at the Hifi Indy on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 presented by IndyMojo Presents, MOKB Presents, Sun King Brewing Company, Kolman Dental, P.C., and Do317 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Every single song Gangstagrass blasted off stage was full of heavy beats mixed with a tasty twang that could easily Pied Piper every Hoosier in the house out to a cornfield bonfire party to continue to motherfrickin’ bounce all night if time had no end. Unfortunately, however, the HiFi had a curfew, and the show ended all too soon for the dancing devotees that made their way sadly off into the night already longing for the next time Gangstagrass rides into town.

Check out the full gallery from Gangstagrass with Native Sun at the Hifi below, and keep scrolling for video highlights