Record Store Day 2018 Rousing Success

Record Store Day 2018 Rousing Success

Article & photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

Photos originally shot for the IndyStar

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (April 21 & 22, 2018) – The IndyStar has sent me many brilliant places since first taking me on as freelance last year, and it seems that each grand adventure tops the next. The magnanimous minds at the paper had the wonderful foresight to send me to Richard Edwards & his Nuclear So & So’s for New Years, and I thought, “There’s no way anything can top that.” Then they sent me to friggin’ Anthrax with Killswitch Engage and the phenomenal St Paddy’s Day Party with Gangstagrass, and I thought, “No, seriously, this time. It doesn’t get any better.” Somehow, though, it didn’t just get better, it got SPECTACULAR. I mean New Years and St Paddy’s Day are fabulous holidays with meaningful celebrations, but I hereby bequeath the title of best holiday ever to another special day. The official grandest spot on any calendar is now the iconic day honoring none other than the local legends that make our turntables spin, Record Store Day.

I spent the day rotating between a few of Indy’s most celebrated music shops, Square Cat Vinyl, Luna Music, and Indy CD & Vinyl. All of the stores had rock bottom prices and special deals on rare selections, but even more exciting was the addition of live performances at each location throughout the day. Indy CD & Vinyl even expanded their celebration to include a Sunday Block Party making it an official Record Store Weekend for the blessed Broad Ripple community.

I began my day by stopping by Square Cat Vinyl to check out their amazing selections. Of course, their full bar is always an added treat, but their fabulous sidewalk sale in the front of the shop featuring bargain $1 records definitely made me glad I began my journey at their doorstep. I spent a bit of time coveting records and stealing souls before I was forced to take my leave of the magical musical emporium. It was now time for more of the day’s celebrations, so I headed a little further north to see what kind of candid commerce I could capture up there.


I headed toward Luna Music knowing that the morning specials and grab bags would be exhausted, but still hoping I could catch some donuts, and maybe some of the sweet merchandise only available in store. Unfortunately, I knew immediately my sweet tooth would not be satisfied as I gazed at the long line slinking through the store, but my insatiable camera eye was tickled to death. The beautiful customers coiled through the aisles like an oversized audiophiliac anaconda feasting on the endless stacks of records surrounding them. I grabbed as many shots as I could allow myself before heading out to catch my first performance of the day just a few blocks away.


My third stop, but my first Record Store Day performance on Saturday afternoon would be at Indy CD & Vinyl. The line of music lovers still stretched far down the street as I approached the entrance shortly before the afternoon musical performances would begin. I made my way through the doors with just enough time to enjoy a little perusing of some of the rarities myself and take just a few more pictures before the music began.


Evan Snyder took the stage inside Indy Cd & Vinyl, and teased the crowd with a few notes before jumping into the set. The band started to play, and the eager audience began to sway and dance while digging for their very own aural gold amongst the musical merchandise. Evan Snyder’s melodies had a fabulous charm, and it was a lovely way to start the day’s live music. Suddenly, I remembered, “Oh yeah, I’m suppose to be working!” and I quickly took my leave of Indy CD & Vinyl to get the IndyStar some photos before heading back to a couple of already familiar destinations.


My first return visit would be to Luna Music to catch a couple of their live performances behind the beloved shop. The legendary Mudkids were set to have their first show in nearly a decade, and no way I wanted to miss it. I made it just in time to catch a brilliant set by Service like nothing I had ever seen. The band began, and a beautiful female driven melodic cacophony came rushing out of the speakers electrifying the crowd with every note. Service’s performance was a breath of fresh air forced into the lungs of the crowd whether they needed it or not, but if you ask me I can assure you every single one of them needed it.


The Mudkids came on next taking over a crowd that was already riled up for them and ready to go. Their groove was contagious, and it quickly crept through the audience infecting them with their funkalicious beats until every foot was stomping and hip was shaking. If there had been a roof it would have been raised, but as it was there was nothing to stop the epically awesome melodies from sailing passed the crowd filled balcony on up to the hip hop heavens. Joint after joint the Mudkids made musical history, and I pray that somewhere someone was brilliant enough to record that harmonious hip hop history for maybe a special Luna Music Record Store Day 2019 release. We can only hope.


I decided to close out my Saturday evening by making a beeline for the glorious place where it all began. I pointed my car right back to the heart of Fountain Square, Square Cat Vinyl. I arrived just in time to catch what I could tell was a stellar performance from Jomberfox. I waded through the Record Store Day concert goers behind the illustrious store to try to catch a glimpse of the phenomenal set close up before I had to take my leave. The band’s passionate playing drew me forward until my camera lens and I were mere feet from the outpouring of talent radiating from the tent.

Jomberfox had lived up to my every expectation of what an evening’s final performance should be, so it slightly numbed my sadness from the knowledge that I could not partake in the rest of the evening activities. I headed to my car with a slight melancholy from having to go, but then perked up quickly with thoughts of the next day’s events and digging into the oh so gigantically magnificent pile of photos I had amassed already.


I awoke Sunday very eager for Indy CD & Vinyl‘s Block Party. The event looked fantastic, and I had heard The Voice’s runner-up, Addison Agen, would be on the lineup of performers for the day. I have to admit that I’m in the “she totally shoulda won” category of thinking, so I was raring to go. There are not too many 16 year olds as impressive as this born and bred Hoosier gal. Hell, there are not even too many 40 year olds as impressive as that beautiful young lady, so I knew it would be a phenomenal show.

The multitudes of people who had come for Sunday’s adventures were just as wonderfully chill yet eager as the beautiful crowd from the day before. I stepped up to the outdoor stage at Indy CD & Vinyl just in time to catch a highly energized Brother O Brother giving it to the crowd with all their might. Every eye in the audience was plastered on the men, and in turn the crowd had smiles stuck on their faces like glue. Brother O Brother’s set ended, and there was a short intermission filled with Indy CD & Vinyl’s Andy Skinner tickling the audience with even more Record Store Day Giveaway Goodies while Addison and her musical family readied their equipment with love.


Finally, Addison Agen took the stage to a warm reception from the gathered congregation of fellow Hoosiers. She began with an impassioned rendition of crowd favorite cover, “She Used to be Mine“, and continued her performance with many more eloquent covers and heartfelt originals. She closed out her show with a brilliant choice, an ethereal performance of “Tennessee Rain“, her beautiful original first debuted on The Voice. Her entire set was, of course, beyond extraordinary, and it’s safe to say my weekend was complete.


Record Store Day/Weekend was finally over for me, but it’s definitely not an experience I will soon forget. The idea of the holiday is genius in general, but watching so many different people and businesses come together to make it great is what really puts it over the top. I think it’s safe to say that the event was an obvious rousing success for all, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s already yearning to see what rare musical treasures will come to town next year for Record Store Day 2019.

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