Brian Wilson Celebrates 50 Years of Pet Sounds

Originally published in Through the Lens Magazine on July 16, 2016


Article and photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

ELIZABETH, IN – True music fans from far and wide braved the heat on a very humid July evening to converge on a beautiful little venue hidden in the heart of southern Indiana. The venue is a part of the Horseshoe Southern Indiana, and is definitely one of the loveliest in the Midwest. The house has seen many a legendary performance on their stage, but one of the best of all time would soon be joining the room. The excitement in the air was thick as the patrons filed in, and were aided to their seats by a kind and patient staff eager to help. Every seat was almost full, and the show of a lifetime would soon begin. This epic evening would be a blessing to the multitudes gifted by none other than the genius of Brian Wilson.

Wilson walked onto the stage to a standing ovation without even having to play a note. His genius precedes him everywhere he goes, and every fan in the house was aching to see him perform live. Al Jardine joined Brian for the evening bringing his immaculate brilliance as well for an even bigger treat to the fans. In fact, every member of the band supporting Brian carried an abundance of talent. Each and every one of them is a prodigy in their own right, and they all brought an unsurpassed passion to the table for their given trade. The music soon began, and the rejuvenated rendering of the melodies to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pet Sounds was underway.

This was definitely one of those very special concerts that digs down deep and makes a person’s soul sing. The happiness in the room flowed like rivers out from the audience, and created an ocean out of the crowd of strangers suddenly in synch as one. A look of joy had befallen every face in the house by the end of the stellar performance. The Horseshoe in quiet little southern Indiana will be hard pressed to find another group of musicians to bring such sounds of perfection as the Pet Sounds that filled the great theater that night. Every note played throughout the entire night was perfection. Brian Wilson’s repertoire is one good song after another chocked full of good memories, and through performances like this new fans will continue to create more and more new memories of their very own to carry with them and pass down forever.


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