The Bite


The Bite – Written by Alexander X. Laymen

The silver shackles that held me to the wall burned deep into my skin causing me to scream in agony. There was someone watching, examining my every reaction, as a masked man slowly cut along my chest then seared every place that he cut. It was maddening, not knowing if they were going to finish me or let me live another day. Either way, I was a prisoner to the game of life or death. As the night went on, the masked man teased me with freedom and taunted me with blasphemous behavior. He was about to sever my already bleeding face when he realized he made a terrible mistake. His error was in the miscalculation of the length of the chains and my sneering muzzle. This little blunder was the cause of him now bleeding profusely from the stump of what used to be a hand.

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