Broken Rosy Lenses


Broken Rosy Lenses by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

I was what you saw in her
I was in her eyes
That fleshy bag of meat
was just a me disguise

I was Hunter Thompson
I was Steadman too
I was everything you wanted
packaged wrong for you

I was good intentions
Hers the road to hell
but you skipped along right down her path
until you tripped and fell

I was there to pick you up
There to dust you off
but the second you felt better
a pirate stole your heart

I was there to watch you fall
cracked apart again
I was there to watch you
through my shattered rosy lens

I’m still here to pick you up
Here to dust you off
but I’ve built a wall around my heart
with double bolted locks

I’m still everything you want
packaged wrong for you
but now my rosy lens is capped
She’s me and I am you

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