The Seven Sins Personified: Lust



The Seven Sins Personified: Lust – Written by Alexander X. Laymen

On all fours, I crawled across the marble flooring wincing each time the whip slashed my rear nearly bringing me to tears. It felt as if the table were miles away, and I would never reach it. Just when I gained the strength to crawl again it happened… My master groped me from behind, lightly tugging at the rings that hung from my hardened nipples. I moaned loudly as she began massaging and bouncing my breasts as if they were some type of ball that she could dribble. It was so close to me, but I was so far away, and when she left my chest I knew that it had to be then. I had to break for the table, but my freedom was short-lived as the vibrations put me into a state of constant pleasure. My master was good to me, and I was grateful for her pleasing me as she does.


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