Bean Salad


Bean Salad by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

A hydro strung necklace and vicodin leash
makes him follow me quiet like a good lil leech
He follows his momma, still suckles her teets
He’s just sweet as puddin’ as long as he feeds

He’ll open my doors and hug me so tight
then go through my purse like a thief in the night
but junkies don’t care if it’s dark or it’s light
He’ll snatch all my shit and then argue his rights

Storms are a’ brewin’ and he best be a’ runnin’
It all wraps around and his bad deeds are comin’

Hidin’ by charms and a smile that melts ice
My Jose gets warm, his heart chills it quite nice
Knowing he’s wrong he’ll convince me he’s right
and then all again he’s couch bound for the night

Lock up the pills and lock up your wife
That sting in our backs is the blade of his knife
He’ll make me pity his make-believe strife
He sucks me right in and then he steals my life

Storms are a’ brewin’ and he best be a’ runnin’
’cause it all wraps ’round and his demons are comin’
If I get lucky I’ll see where he stands
and gets sucked right to hell for his crimes against man

War’s are a’ brewin and he best be a’ runnin’
’cause it all wraps around and he knows they’re a’ comin’
They’ll weigh his scales and they’ll look in his eyes
and then they’ll save my soul with a snuff of his life

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