The Seven Sins Personified: Gluttony


The Seven Sins Personified: Gluttony – Written by Alexander X. Laymen

The delectable morsel quickly slipped down my gullet, as I gulped down my goblet of wine, flushing my taste buds with a rush of flavor. It was nothing for me to down a platter of food in a matter of moments, so much so that a mere man would bust his gut in order to match my pace. Day in and day out, I down my food, never getting enough, and full only to a certain extent as my pantry cannot hold a candle to the storage of this bottomless stomach.

Pacing the width of the dining room, my gut rumbles with each and every heavy step of my enormous feet. I impatiently wait for the delivery of my next meal, uncaring of the absence of my feline friend that hissed only a moment ago.

“Never mind the feline,” I told myself, mumbling sweet nothings to the silverware that I held in my boulder sized hands.

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