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About Alexander

Alexander Xavier Laymen was having troubling dreams so he decided to see a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Philip Decker. Unfortunately for him, Dr. Decker was a serial killer currently looking for a patsy to take the fall for his crimes. Drugging Laymen during their sessions Dr. Decker started to prep Laymen with pictures and plant false repressed memories taken from Decker’s sadistic crime scenes. Once completed Dr. Decker would call the police and claim he had found their murderer.

This all went to according plan for Dr. Decker as he had Laymen convinced he was guilty as well. Up until the point that Laymen ran away following his own original dreams, the ones that made him see a doctor in the first place. Driven by some need he left his girlfriend Lori Winston to travel upstate to a mysterious town called Midian. It was there that he was infected by Peloquin’s bite. Escaping for his life, Alex ran straight into the cops and Dr. Decker who had followed him to Midian. Unaware of Nightbreed, the supernaturals living there, they shot Laymen on Dr. Decker’s warning of a gun he didn’t have. Laymen died but thanks to the bite of Peloquin he rose from the dead that night. Now a monster himself, he broke out of the morgue, returning to Midian and joined the Nightbreed.

Dr. Decker followed him once again to Midian and, with the help of Captain Eigerman and his officers, among which Reverend Ashberry, laid waste to Midian. Laymen, wanting to help, confronted Nightbreed’s founder Baphomet. During the destruction of Midian, Baphomet’s powers were transferred to Laymen, who became their ‘savior’, who Baphomet named Cabal.

Laymen is the 7th leader of the Nightbreed, succeeding Anina, Kraken, Chi Chi, Lucifer, Jean du Lac and Baphomet, and on the side he writes erotica and horror fiction for his vapid fan base in the earthly realm.

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