Treading Love

Treading Love by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

My love for you it plunges down into the briny deep
and if I follow it’ll drag me down beneath your reach
So I just sit in shallow water treading ‘til the end
too scared to stop, too scared to move, too scared to sink or swim

My love for you it tumbles down a well of discontent
Your words knock ’round inside my head, I’m wonderin’ what you meant
So I’ll just sit inside my mind and overthink your nothings
until my brain gets paranoid and overacts your somethings

My love for you it crashes down and then rebuilds my walls
to shut you out and shut you down before I start to fall
So stay with me for just today and then I’ll have it made
a concrete cage around my love for you until it fades

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