The Early Bird


The Early Bird by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

I’m perpetually looking
For someone in life
Who won’t think it’s too early for me

I’m constantly searching
For someone who thinks
It’s ok for me to be me

Maybe not romance
Even just friendship
From someone that sees inside me

One that won’t use me
Or be way too boozy
Or flee when it’s time to help me

I know I’m real weird
And sometimes I’m feared
But it’s just my wild heart that runs free

Just give me a minute
To calm all these nerve tics
And show you the greatness in me

I swear I am worth it
I’m all that you heard and
A little bit more underneath

But time keeps on spinnin’
And still I’m not winnin’
That early bird worm that I seek

My last hope is gone now
Move on I will somehow
So used to my lonely I’ll be

And maybe stop lookin’
For chemistry cookin’
When matches light fires just as easy

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