East Entices Indy and Returns in June

Article and photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – My whole life I’ve been fantastically blessed because somehow I’ve always had a multitude of good friends with spectacular musical taste. These beautiful people stumble into my life, and probably have no idea how much I admire them. One gentleman in particular has influenced me, and opened me up to new things more than he could possibly ever know just simply by walking into one of my highschool classes wearing a Porno for Pyros shirt. From that day on I knew that I should probably pay attention, and I was right. One day I’m scrolling through Facebook, and I click on a video he shares. The next day I’m front row at what is one of the most epic concerts of this decade. This near orgasmic experience was brought to me at The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square by Anderson East.

Andrew Combs started the evening with a beautiful revelry that tugged at my heart-strings while still somehow staying unabashedly upbeat. His guitar player was not only talented, but an eye pleasing treat. He had a slight Freddie Mercury demeanor complete with mustache that had me in love before he even played a note, and his skills definitely lived up to all of my expectations. Towards the end of Comb’s set Scotty Murray, the electric guitar player for Anderson East, joined them on stage, and it was easy to tell by his mannerisms and dress that Murray had to be one hell of an artist. His outward appearance likened him to a beautiful cross between Les Claypool and Gary Oldman as Brahm Stoker’s Dracula. He waltzed onto the stage with an air of mystery and an essence of charm. He began to play with a subtle passion that awakened his dormant guitar, and gave it an energy ready to feast on the excitement of the audience.

The crowd was warmed up and raring to go as they waited for Anderson East and his crew to appear on stage. Considering East’s grandfather was a Baptist preacher and he spent a lot of his upbringing in church I wondered how much of a holy experience this would be. I picture his childhood kinda like one of those dark scenes out of Footloose. In fact, maybe they should have cast Anderson East in that remake and it would have been a little better, but alas, filling the shoes of Kevin Bacon is a near impossibility. After all, he is the one that originally taught us best on the big screen that there is a time for everything under the sun, and fortunately for everyone at The Hi-Fi it was finally time for Anderson East.

The headlining gentleman sauntered on stage to a chorus of cheers from the audience, and a muted excitement from me ’cause I’m totally not suppose to fan girl out while I’m working. East began, and his singing abilities live are just as phenomenal as in the original video that got me hooked. His sultry vocals mirror that of Otis Redding with a sexy side of Tom Waits. On top of this already volatile melodic combination East is unsurpassed in wit and southern charm which makes me feel right at home. In the moments in between songs when he blesses the crowd with speech it’s just as incredible as the melodies that come forth from his lips. His jargon has an essence of nostalgia that comes from the good old days of my grandpa spinnin’ yarns mixed with that powerful lady-killer charm of the one and only Matthew McConaughey… a venomous combination for any ensnared listener.

In the end it was one of those shows where I worry that the photos are going to be blurry because I just can’t stop dancing. I walked in The Hi-Fi as an Anderson East fan. I walked out in love with every single gentleman that set foot on that stage. My Grandma always did say I should have a different man for every day of the week like changes of clothes or flavors of ice cream. Maybe it’s finally my chance… I wonder if any of them do dishes? I guess with skills like the musicians in question, though, who cares?

Not too long ago it was announced that East would be back in Indy at Garfield Park in June, and although not much time has passed I’m very eager to get in on what will surely be another sold out show. Anderson East is a performer I could watch again and again. Indianapolis can consider itself lucky to be on such friendly terms with such an epic musician.

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