For Momma


For Momma 

Momma I write this for you on your day,
although you may not feel like reading

I just wanna thank you for humoring me,
and my silly dreams that I’m dreaming

You’ve given me everything I could want,
some things I didn’t know I was needing

Your faith’s made me stronger and now I’m no
longer a slave to the demons I’m fleeing

You’re endlessly loving, accepting, and kind,
you’re just such a beautiful being

I drive miles and miles just to be by your side
‘cause it’s love in your eyes that I’m seeing

I promise my heart and my brain’s got your back,
and I’ll throat punch any ailments your feeling

I’d tear out my soul and give it to you if it’d
ease just an inch of your grieving

I know there’s a hole in your heart I can’t fill,
but at least I can help stop the bleeding

‘Cause, Momma, I love you and I’ll always be here
‘til we meet in our own little Eden