Many people know I spend a lot of time writing poetry and lyrics outside of my daily photography and music reviews. I thought I’d share today a little bit of my writing process, and how sometimes my roaming thoughts turn into what they are. Here is a little example:

I’m trying to sell my house, so I have been doing a lot of packing, painting, and patching. On this paticular day I decided to take down all of my wall art, and begin removing the nails and patching the holes to prepare for painting. These were the thoughts roaming through my mind…

“As I pull these crooked nails out of these old tired walls all I can think about is my own foolishness. How could I have believed with a nature as impermanent and fluctuating such as mine that I would stay in one place for this long? How am I going to fill all of these holes… and not just the ones in the walls. I need to find a place to heal for a while, a place that can fill the gaping chasms in my heart and soul.”

I imediately stopped and began typing. I just felt like there was something there. I went back to work, and then I kinda forgot. I didn’t stumble upon it for a couple months after that, and then when I did I began looking at the possibilities. So, from the top ideas the bottem verse was then born:

As I pull these crooked nails

out of these old tired walls

I think about my own foolishness

I believed with a nature impermanent

fluctuating such as mine

stay in one place for this long?

Fill all these holes?

Not just in the walls

Need to find a place to heal mine

A place that can fill

these gaping chasms

my heart and soul have combine

Well, there you have it. Maybe this didn’t turn out to be one of my most best and brilliant, but the idea is there. Maybe I’ll go back, and look another day. Until then make sure to go back and visit my original poetic works, Photographic Memories: In the Beginning and Photographic Memories: Meet me in the Middle.