Westbound and Down Part Deux

Captain’s Log Star-date 05/22/2015

It’s hard for me to believe the view outside my tent this beautiful morning in California. It is none other than an overlook of the Mazda Raceway that any racing fan would die for. I’m enjoying it as much as I can so as not to look a gift horse in the mouth. The low rumbling of those powerful cars zooming around the track was a lovely early morning alarm clock that didn’t make me wanna hit snooze. It pulses on throughout the day like a meditating monk humming his way to oneness, and I’m almost right there with him.The low roaring is just enough background noise to put my mind at ease and allow me to reflect on the last couple days. Our first couple days in Grand Junction, Colorado were spectacular as expected. On our last day we decided to explore downtown, taking advantage of the beautiful day after the hail (yes, hail). The first stop we enjoyed was a sweet shop named Candy Time Shoppe where we snagged every flavor of gummy candy under the sun for my sister, and some to die for chocolate covered maple bacon toffee for me. We devoured the sinful treats immediately, and were already full when we stumbled upon Main Street Bagel. I’m pretty positive that this particular bagel shop and cafe was sent from heaven specifically to fill me with delight. Everything from the chill ambiance to the fantastic art on the walls makes customers want to sink into their seats, enjoy their bagels, and never leave.  We ate our warm goodness, though, and pressed on despite our now sleepy demeanors commonly created by a wonderful meal.

We walked on trying to work off some of the now gluttonous snacking. It is very easy to be at peace in Grand Junction simply walking down the sidewalk. It’s one of those places that just feels like home. Every single person is happy and friendly. Any tourist from no matter how far will feel at ease when greeted with the warm loving smiles of the residents and business owners. I didn’t think it was possible to love life any more when we stumbled across Gelato Junction and tasted bliss on cones. Sis was happy with the caramel in a waffle cone. I on the other hand couldn’t help, but get a little more crazy. I veered toward my already established candy store palette and a chocolate dipped cake cone filled with maple bacon gelato. Let’s just say that bliss was an understatement. I’m already planning a trip back to Grand Junction just for another trip to that shop.I don’t want to get so wrapped up in the food that I forget to mention the spectacular arts scene all throughout the quaint little downtown area. Every store from cafe to tattoo shop boasts a gallery of art from varying creative talents. Every few steps down the sidewalk is like walking hand in hand with Ralph Steadman while skipping to catch up with Michelangelo. Grand Junction is the one town that  I think could make me a mountain girl , and at least temporarily make me forget the Vail Mountain Pass, and my loyalty to the Midwest. As with most affairs, though, the lust slowly fades, and now here I sit, reminiscing and finding a new lust in my heart. Even while I write in this old journal book those powerful motors are racing by my tent to be the first to the finish line and the first in my heart. Later today we will head to the first day of California Roots to find even more love to fill our hearts. We can only hope to fill up on enough good vibes to last us through our trip to the local Walmart…

Until next time much light, love, and Reggae!

Check out the rest of the adventure photos on Facebook now in my photo album, Westbound and Down.

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Melodie Yvonne

Melodie Yvonne, lead photographer and owner of Photographic Melodie, grew up in the small southern Indiana town of North Vernon. She picked up her first camera at the age of 5, and was immediately hooked. By the age of 15 she began to turn every trip, even just to the local park, into a fantasy scene of her own imagination, and started mentoring with many local professionals. Melodie received an Associates of Applied Science in Visual Technologies majoring in Photography from Ivy Tech in 2002 after studying under acclaimed professors and many other masters in the field.

Melodie’s main focus has always been music photography. Growing up listening to many amazing musicians inspired her dream to create visual images that made people feel the way they do when listening to music. Her goal was to help people SEE the music.

Melodie has done numerous jobs around the country ranging from working for bands to being the official photographer on many southern Indiana Poker Runs. Her specialties are in nature, music, and candid event photography. She published her first print work, a collection of images & poetry, in 2011, and has since published many more print works. Melodie currently acts as owner & lead photographer at Photographic Melodie, House Photographer for Purdue Theatre, and Tour Photographer for multiple Billboard Charts topping bands as well as freelance work with many other media outlets, venues, and musicians.

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