Rhyming and Lyrics – Platonic Romance

Platonic Romance by Melodie Yvonne

Here’s where I stop giving all
of my time and my heart’s energies
Here’s where I stop letting you
cop out givin’ some love back to me

If I’d known I was pushin’ too hard
And you didn’t think I’d understand
I woulda backed off and I wouldn’t be here
in this lonely platonic romance

I still just can’t do what I’m told
‘Cause I’m really not young, but not old
If I could I’d just go with the flow
Then I wouldn’t be left in the cold

If I’d known you were happy alone
I’d have run back when I had the chance
So please let me go don’t just keep me for show
in this lonely platonic romance

But I’m guessing it’s over for now
Though I’m still kinda scared you’ll come back
Right about when I start feelin’ good
I’ll be right back under attack

From your eyes that can look in my soul
And your smile that makes me want to dance
So I’m beggin’ you please I am down on my knees
Set me free this platonic romance


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Melodie Yvonne

Melodie Yvonne, lead photographer and owner of Photographic Melodie, grew up in the small southern Indiana town of North Vernon. She picked up her first camera at the age of 5, and was immediately hooked. By the age of 15 she began to turn every trip, even just to the local park, into a fantasy scene of her own imagination, and started mentoring with many local professionals. Melodie received an Associates of Applied Science in Visual Technologies majoring in Photography from Ivy Tech in 2002 after studying under acclaimed professors and many other masters in the field.

Melodie’s main focus has always been music photography. Growing up listening to many amazing musicians inspired her dream to create visual images that made people feel the way they do when listening to music. Her goal was to help people SEE the music.

Melodie has done numerous jobs around the country ranging from working for bands to being the official photographer on many southern Indiana Poker Runs. Her specialties are in nature, music, and candid event photography. She published her first print work, a collection of images & poetry, in 2011, and has since published many more print works. Melodie currently acts as owner & lead photographer at Photographic Melodie, House Photographer for Purdue Theatre, and Tour Photographer for multiple Billboard Charts topping bands as well as freelance work with many other media outlets, venues, and musicians.

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