Behind the Art – For Christina

I thought I’d go back a little bit today, and share the story that first spurred me to begin the Behind the Art series. People often ask me what a particular photograph or poem means to me, and often I hesitate to divulge the true meaning. I’ve always believed that when someone looks at a work of art they should feel it for themselves and use their own imagination. I always felt that it was easier for everyone to relate to the work by completely associating it with their own memories and ideas. I’ve recently started to second guess my views.

Recently someone told me the story of where they had heard a certain work of mine had derived from. I was almost appalled at the lie they had been fed, and I realized that in my hiding of the story I have maybe robbed people of the true emotion I had always been trying to convey. With this in mind I have decided to set out to tell the stories of some of my photographs and writings for those who would like that little bit extra to read and absorb. So without further ado…

The poem that sparked my interest in sharing origins:

For Christina

The sun in the sky dances like fire,

A car drives by,

It loses its tire.

Me and my honey sit on the porch,

We watch as the car,

Blows up like a torch.

You see the car went off the road,

Into the ditch,

And then to explode.

It started a fire and then it spread,

It reached me and my honey,

And now we are dead.

The rest of the story… I literally didn’t write this about anything. There is no event that occurred to inspire me. I went through a spell as a teenager where I just made up silly rhymes pulled from my weirdo imagination. Yeah, I agree that does sound a bit odd so I just try not to look back on it a lot. Besides, you should see some of the other ones

I will admit there is a little story behind the title, but nothing exciting enough to write home about. One day while I was trying to decide what to include in my book, Photographic Memories: In the Beginning, I came across this poem untitled. I thought it might be a little to silly or weird to include, but my sister insisted and saved it. My sister’s name is Christina

… and they all lived happily ever after.

The End