A Technological Tale for the Young at Heart

It seems that it’s becoming harder and harder to hide ones age nowadays. As technology blasts forward like a bullet train some of us that are well into middle age can at times fall a little behind, and nothing can show a person’s true age more. Take what happened with me and my beautiful sister today as a prime example.

I decided to stop and visit with Christina this morning just before she headed off to work. Even if it’s just for a minute we like to catch up. My sister always seems to bring out the silly in me, so as I waited on her to appear my imagination started wandering. I quickly grabbed my camera and posed at my driver’s side window like a proper private eye investigating the case. As soon as my sister appeared out the front door I started snapping away with my telephoto extended yelling, “I’m gonna catch you in the act, you criminal! I’ve got my spy camera! I’m Veronica Mars!” I mean, I’m blond, so close enough, right?

My sister continued around the front of my car while I shot at her with rapid speed capturing all her giggles as she moved towards my passenger door. She opened up the door, smiled at me with her cute little girl smile and said, “Cut it out. Aren’t you wasting film?”

Bless her heart ❤ I can’t hack on her too much, though. I might know my photography technology, but I get busted on my age every single time I need a new “printer ribbon”. I’m not ashamed, I’ll own it. I’ll admit that I’m getting old because I’m still young at heart. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for the world. My 20-year-old daughter is in better shape, and is beautiful even under bright lights, but she doesn’t have my memories. To the youngins nowadays new technology is old news. They are growing up and outgrowing their gadgets faster than they can invent them. To me even old technology is like being on the Jetsons, and that excitement turns me back into that carefree child I was every single day.

My seester is so adorable 🙂 and everybody better be extra nice to her ’cause she has to deal with me doing stuff like this all the time 😀 Everybody give my beautiful sister, Christina Ann Ramey, extra hugs today! (but not creepy ones. keep ’em short and make sure you do the back pat thing. this isn’t a dating service here.) I love you, seester!!!