Behind the Art – Chewin’ Chocolate

I thought I’d tone it down a little from the horror photos today, and tell a story about a little something sweeter. I like to call this beautiful sunset image “Chewin’ Chocolate”. Now I’m sure you’re wondering how on earth something as simple as a sunset image could actually have a story behind it. I assure you it does, though, and it’s one I won’t forget anytime soon. So, without further ado…I drove steadily home one summer evening after a slew of visiting throughout the day had left me in a drained stupor. It’s so easy to just crank the music and set myself on autopilot for the long interstate drive home. I crank the music and sing like a superstar and just let the miles slip away while I cruise with my programmed destination of home. Occasionally I might snap a photo or two with my phone camera when the sky is particularly tantalizing, but I do this blindly without taking my eyes off the road. Very, very rarely do I ever actually screech to a halt and take myself off the road. This special summer’s evening, however I did just that. I had been watching the sunset gain a marvelous momentum as I drove, and by the time I got to Whiteland it was a scene that not even Van Gogh could have created with every color of paint in man’s spectrum and Mother Nature’s. I took exit 95 and immediately pulled over to the shoulder. I leapt out of my car, camera in hand, and started shooting the horizon with reckless abandon. I was so enthralled in fact that I did not see nor hear the four unmarked police monster trucks sidle right up next to me.

“Excuse me, ma’am, are you alright? Do you need some help?” the officer asked sternly. “Is your car ok?”

Startled, I turned and look at him waving my camera like a white flag. As embarrassed as I was I’m sure my cheeks lit up pinker than that very sunrise I’d been admiring. “It’s just so beautiful! I just couldn’t help myself!” I stammered while offering my camera outward to him like a sacrifice to the gods. “I’m so sorry to stop in the middle of the road like this. I’ll head out,” I added while stepping back toward my car.

The officer turned his head and gazed off into the distance for a slow minute letting his eyes drink in the fantastic scene before him. When he looked back at me I could see that Mother Nature had touched him as deeply as she had me. He nodded and smiled sweetly to me.

“Carry On,” was all he said, and before I could thank him he rolled up his tinted window, and led the cavalry on ahead.

The End 🙂

A little side note for anyone curious about why I named a sunset photo “Chewin’ Chocolate”…

When that officer said, “Carry on,” to me it was like I had suddenly fulfilled one of the items on the very top of my bucket list. You see, one of my favorite bands as I grew up was a beautiful little group called Butthole Surfers. In 1993 they released an album titled Independent Worm Saloon. On that album is the track Chewin’ George Lucas’ Chocolate. Now you understand why that officer totally made my day 🙂 and now, on the day we finally meet, you’ll know exactly what to say when I look at you, smile, and ask, “Whatcha doin’?”