Midwest Hype’s Nightglow Intoxicatingly Alive at Schubas

Article & photos by Melodie Yvonne

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (October 28, 2020) – Midwest Hype recently gifted the world with a brilliant new premiere packed full of melodious masterpieces like none other. “Alive at Schubas“, the live premiere performance of the band’s upcoming full length vinyl Nightglow, is a creation born out of love as well as a desire to share that love with the entire human race. That feeling of love and unity a fan gets from live music has been lost in a sea of livestreams callously saturating the market recently, but Midwest Hype is here to bring that oneness back to their fans with this brilliant new premiere.

The album Nightglow as well as the video, “Alive at Schubas”, carries a needed release from the hardness of today’s reality. The video starts with an intro that gives the feeling you’re about to join the best circus of your life, and the visuals are none to the contrary. It’s like a carnival funhouse entrance that obviously has a world of intrigue waiting on the other side. The inanimate crowd filling Schubas initially has a look of something somehow less than bored, but the lifeless scene immediately transforms to one of chaotic beauty with the first note. This fabulous trick of the eye could just be video magic, or it could also be a testament to these brilliant men’s ability to breathe life into any environment they inhabit at any moment.

Midwest Hype puts the same amount of passion into their performance whether it be a packed live audience or a quarantine live stream. The band’s relentlessly positive vibes infects the listener immediately turning even the most negative person into a ferocious optimist. The energy pouring from the stage makes you want to reach through the screen and join them, but somehow also makes you feel like you’re already there. The lighting design is just as beautiful and obviously crafted with just as much care as it would be in front of a live audience, and the illuminations play up the visual illusions making the inanimate crowd come to life even more.

The gentlemen play with so much heart that it gives the feeling that their love is truly wrapping around you and giving you a giant warm Midwest Hype hug throughout the entire show. The whole experience truly makes you feel like you’re at the show in a packed crowd soaking up every note. The men harmonize together like the most skilled orchestra to convey the exact vibe and message they’re aiming for on every single song. Their style remains a beautiful genre free mixture as each track blends and jumps between obvious influences from ska, hip hop, punk, 80s metal, grunge, jazz, and everything in between.

The “Alive at Schubas” video was lovingly crafted to not just showcase an album, but also to give fans a true VIP experience with the band. The highly anticipated release was everything expected and more from the very beginning to the very last note. “Alive at Schubas” and NIghtglow satisfies that. live music jones while at the same time leaves you craving a little more like every legendary musician should. Midwest Hype succeeded once again in delivering a deep dose of positive harmonies the whole world needs, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that can’t wait for another shot soon. Check out Midwest Hype’s video premiere for “Alive at Schubas” below, and grab even more music by the prodigious band at https://midwesthype.com/merch/.

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