CityLife Celebrates Salvation in Style

Article & photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

GREENWOOD, INDIANA (September 16, 2018) – Celebrating a baptism is a beautiful thing, and CityLife Church in Greenwood, Indiana certainly knows how to do it with style. I speak from firsthand experience when I say they’re doing it right, and you can tell they love what they do. They pulled out all the stops for their latest service and celebration because CityLife knows that each individual’s baptism is a special occasion, and they want to make sure each and every person is as comfortable and happy as they can be.


Each parishioner takes their turn stepping in front of the congregation to have their story read and to show their love and loyalty to the Lord. I attended CityLife’s second service of the morning for my own chance at sharing my testimonial. I was definitely a bit nervous from being the first in line, but fortunately I had been to the earlier morning celebration, so I knew it was all good.


Immediately when I made my way in front of the crowd Pastor Mike held out his hand to help me into the tub of surprisingly warm and comfortable water. The joy in the room could be felt from the front to the back, and my nerves were eased immediately as the happiness landed on me from all around. I suddenly had no idea why I had ever been nervous, and as I emerged from the water I was immediately bathed in love from all around the room.

The big to-do didn’t stop when it came to the end of the service either. The hullabaloo continued outside with a free cookout and even bounce houses for all regular attendees and visitors alike to enjoy. Every single person at CityLife pitched in for the event, and gave it their all. Every person that set foot near the church was welcome, and everyone was loved.


It can be frightening visiting a new church, and even more terrifying if one is not necessarily sure about their beliefs. This beautiful service and celebration is just one example of many where CityLife made it a point to ensure every single person that came anywhere near their doors felt at ease. They didn’t do this with a pushy religious agenda or an overly creepy cultlike niceness either. They show a genuine respect and compassion for their fellow human beings that begins with the leadership and flows outwardly to everyone that serves.


It is no wonder that CityLife Church continues to welcome more and more people each week. Their recent expansion into two Sunday services might mean twice the work for all the beautiful volunteers, but they want to make sure that no one is ever turned away. The world can only hope that this type of kindness is infectious, and that it catches on as quickly as the latest viral internet craze. Until then, however, at least a dose of love can be had straight from the good Lord above each and every Sunday at one of the most seraphic sanctuaries to pulse in the heart of Hoosier country, the ever-present and awe-inspiring CityLife Church.

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