Rhyming and Lyrics – Oh Nope It’s Gone

Oh Nope It’s Gone by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

Why should I be sad that, oh nope it’s gone
Because it happens all the time and it doesn’t last long
If I just take a minute to try to stop and listen
I’d think of something else to replace my words that’s missin’

I’d think of words that’s better and maybe somethin’ more
I’d think of words to make you love me and what you adore
I’d think of words that pick you up and sweep you off your feet
And be the everything you want and everything you need

So why should I be sad when, oh nope it’s gone
‘Cause if you left me then I guess you didn’t love me very long
But I’ll just keep on missin’ you for every single day
Until I find those words again to try to make you stay


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