Easy Virtues: Diligence

Easy Virtues: Diligence – Written by Alexander X. Laymen

Someone important to me once gave me a piece of advice, and it was that advice that compelled me to give it my all with everything I did. It was that same person that pushed me past the limits of my former abilities, teaching me a new set of skills as he did so. With those skills, I took to the task of writing and re-writing my very first novel, “Overzealous Thoughts”. It was a tale about a man down on his luck with nothing but past-due bills and debt collecting monsters, and how he was brought to redemption.

That brave tale never made it to its destination. Laying on a bed of hot coals, it burned as I mourned the loss of the friend that worked so feverishly to bring me to the end. The loss of that friend brought back the tossing, turning, and constant calls. Success became a word that settled in the back of my mind, eventually fading into the black as I brought an end to the evidence of my newfound diligence.

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