Nathan Towne’s Triumphant Theme Song Collection Is Instant Classic

Article and photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

SANTA MARIA, CA – Nathan Towne recently began taking suggestions from his friends as to what new songs he should tackle. Towne, wanting to do something a little more challenging than just normal covers, decided to enter into a different genre, one of often overlooked classics. These underdog medleys are the songs that fill the soundtracks of our lives, and take us back to a simpler time and place with no work or responsibilities. All we had was time, and we used it to enjoy our favorite shows. We reveled in the mischief of the sitcom kids, and wished those understanding parents were our own, and most of all we sang at the top of our lungs with anticipation to every single theme song we knew… whether they had words or not. This beautiful nostalgia may or may not have been the reason for Towne to pick up this particular melodic challenge, but either way I’m glad he did. I’m positivie I was a little too excited upon viewing the first jingle he tackled to one of my personal favorites, The Simpsons, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Check out the beautiful rendition that turned me on to Towne’s classic theme songs as well as the rest of his collection below. The following videos are a beautiful assortment of theme song melodies which are the product of Towne’s challenge collection to date…

The Simpsons

Nathan’s second video for the Super Mario Theme Song was also an immaculate piece of work, and was accompanied by the following invitation to his followers, “Is there a movie/tv/video game theme song or any other tune you wanna hear me try on this gitfiddle? #supermario #themesong #nintendo #backintheday”.

 Super Mario Theme Song

I Love Lucy

Trailer Park Boys

The Legend of Zelda

The Godfather… this one seems a little extra special… a few of us are still wondering how the heck Towne makes his fingers move like that!!!

Family Guy Theme Song

His last and most prodigious achievement to date is a lovely Star Wars medley in under 60 seconds. Again he accompanies it with an open invitation to “Keep the suggestions coming”, and there’s no doubt that it will be a long time before anyone is able to stump the genius that rests in the fingers of Nathan Towne.

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Nathan Towne performing at Melonfest 2015

Nathan Towne performing at Melonfest 2015

Nathan Towne performing at Melonfest 2015

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