I Run

I Run by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

I run ‘cause I think if I’m smooth enough I can run into your arms
I smile ‘cause I think if I’m cute enough I’ll win you with my charms
But all I really know is what you make me see
That my special kinda crazy’s not as fucked as it could be

I run ‘cause I think if I’m same enough you might run right back to me
I want you by my side but when you’re here I just want free
I love your every wrinkle, I swim in your big eyes
But I know that you can hurt me ‘cause I’m beggin’ for your lies

I run from you like clockwork as you run right through my mind
I run from you while prayin’ you are runnin’ right behind
I run around just like a foolish chicken with no head
And I run around all crazy lookin’ way too far ahead

I run ‘cause I think if I stop too long I’ll realize what I’ve done
I run ‘cause I know if I stand too still I’ll hate what I’ve become
But mostly I just run from what you told me not to be
When you said don’t settle down, dear, or you’ll end up just like me

Don’t ever settle down, dear, or you’ll end up just like me

I run

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