Photographic Malady


Photographic Malady by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

The length of three songs. It’s like a heartbeat in time, but it passes in slow motion. The band charges onto the stage, and begins to gain speed as my eyes dart back and forth inside my eye piece. Time crawls slowly like a train holding up traffic, but in the end it was really not even close to long enough to drink in the scene and digest. There’s a whispering behind my eyes all the while as I work creating a rhythm to my madness. It engulfs my mind and body until I succumb. Shoot, edit, repeat. Shoot, edit, repeat.

Shoot. Edit. Repeat.

It’s a kind of preternatural chanting that hangs heavy, and smears through the air painting a grin across my face. The incantation rises up to the stage with the heat of my desire, and melts itself to the melodies pouring out to the crowd.

I take my eyes outta the lens, and set them back in the real world. I pray that I managed to capture at least one soul to later feed my addiction. I eclipse my face once again with my photographic guise, and scan the crowd with an insatiable hunger that overrides my fears. The three songs might be over, but the night is still young, and the crowd is particularly spirited tonight. Plenty of time. Plenty of room in my bottomless pit of a heart… Shoot, edit, repeat… Shoot, edit, repeat… Shoot. Addict. Repeat…



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