Chimney to Nowhere


Chimney to Nowhere by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

A chimney to nowhere in the middle of the woods
is where I hid and where I stood
as I watched each passing day
fade into memories bleak and grey

It stood so proud just like myself
a remnant of what I must have felt
before my water turned so muddy
bore a tunnel dark and ruddy

Mortared tower to the sky soaring just above my eye
it looks so sad it makes me cry
all unbelonging in its place
a weathered tired worn on its face

Floating through this galaxie
this random chimney just like me
a thousand tears in downward sliver
join the ever-changing river

This chimney to nowhere in the middle of the woods
still where I hide just where I stood
but now this fear has come with age
and built an ever present rage

We stand alone as years pass on
and wonder where the souls have gone
It wonders where they all could be
It sits and wonders just like me

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