The Seven Sins Personified: Pride


The Seven Sins Personified: Pride – Written by Alexander X. Laymen

I was always the one to take up the challenge, defend the clan, claim the victory, and keep my pride. Nothing was able to stop the flagrant rampage that I ran as the enemy attempted an infiltration. Kill after kill, my attitude grew, until it reached the realm of impossibility. They always told me that my cocky little mouth would eventually end the war, though, they did not mention anything about our clan winning. There was an awkward silence the night that I was to die, it was something that I had never dreamt of happening. Death lurked in the shadows down the hall, and I had just begun to spread my wings.

The shock from the first shot was not enough to stop the adrenalin. Then another came, and it was still not enough. Pitter patter went my heart as I took two more shots to the chest. Black robes enveloped my entire being, pulling me to the stone cold floor. It would finally be enough to silence the resilience in my heart.

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