Rhyming and Lyrics – Pall Mall 100s In An Orange Box

Pall Mall 100s In An Orange Box by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

Pall mall 100s in an orange box
Carryin’ hiedi ‘cause she’s feelin lost
Saddlin’ me like I’m a mule
She rides me like I’m a fool

Vodka leers and cigarette smiles
Light her eyes just like a child
But she’s feelin’ rather edgy
Waitin’ on my slow ass lefty

Pall mall 100s in an orange box
She likes it straight not on the rocks
Speakin’ her truths feisty as fuck
Think you’re hard she’ll prove you’re not

Walk in the door she struts her stuff
Bendin’ for only her pill poppin’ pup
But now again she’s feelin’ edgy
Waitin’ on my slow ass lefty

Pall Mall 100s in an orange box
Drivin’ down ninth feelin’ for cops
Oldies on benches like corner whores
Secret dialed codes unlockin’ doors

Spirited tongue and nicotine lips
Shelves full of Elvis’s swivelin’ hips
Arthritic feet shuffle the floor
Horoscope ashtray sits by the door

Pall Mall 100s in an orange box
Hiedi’s there now so I can get lost
Ridin’ down slow crossin’ the lot
Doubled up bitches callin’ shots

Drive away slow, miss her already
Headin’ back home ‘cause it keeps me steady
This time it’s me who’s feelin’ edgy
Time to burn my slow ass lefty



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