A Jam Filled Famoe.ly Reunion Rocks Red Rocks — Through The Lens

Originally published in Through the Lens Magazine on August 29, 2016: A Jam Filled Famoe.ly Reunion Rocks Red Rocks — Through The Lens

Article and photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

MORRISON, CO – There’s just something special about being a little closer to the heavens, and every single person that walks into Red Rocks for a show knows this to be true. It’s no wonder people travel from all over the world to visit the sacred Red Rocks Amphitheater even if they just saw their favorite band in their own hometown. It is a place of history, it is magical, and it is the most perfect place in the world for a Famoe.ly reunion. The amphitheater was quickly brimming with fans as the melodies from Blackberry Smoke filled the air. The astounding scenery and outstanding opening set had the crowd already wooed into submission, so they were putty in the hands of Moe. before they even hit the stage.

Moe. stepped onto the historic stage, and were obviously ecstatic yet humbled at the sights before them. They all smiled a mile wide as they greeted their Famoe.ly and took their places with their instruments on the historic stage. Their jams quickly filled the clear Red Rocks air, and surrounded the crowd breathing new life into them like oxygen to a drowning victim. Every single person from the lower front to the very tip top back row were out of their seats and dancing with all they had. The crowd flowed like the waves of the ocean pulsating as one with the rhythms controlled by Rob Derhak as he plunked his bass and emitted his sultry vocals on a stunning version of “Haze“. Soon the already excited crowd slipped into rapture with the onslaught of Moe’s own version of dueling banjos between percussionists Jim Loughlin and Vinnie Amico. Both gentlemen were so lost in musical bliss that they most likely didn’t notice the self dismissal of the other three from the stage. Jim played his instruments like an impassioned prodigy creating an immaculate symphony. Vinnie went at his kit like a mad scientist electrifying his newest Frankenstein until finally he was alone on the stage in a bubble of percussionary bliss, and the fans roared with appreciation for the blessing of his shared talents.

One of the definite crowd favorites of the set was Moe.’s phenomenal rendition of Gov’t Mule’sThorazine Shuffle” with the amazing Chuck Garvey at the lead. His flawless melodies poured from his guitar right along with his vocals and helped dazzle the crowd with the stunning performance of their co-headliner’s song. Chuck’s riff making accomplice, Al Schnier, brought the same fervid passion with his guitar as well, and awed the crowd into further twitterpation. Gov’t Mule soon took over the stage for their co-headlining set, and returned the compliment with a fantastic rendition of Moe.’s “Opium”.

Soon the night came to an end, and it was time for all in the Famoe.ly to return to their own homes far and wide. It was to be sure, however, that this night was one for the books and would never be forgotten. It was a fairy tale evening unlike any other that devotees will surely share with their children and their children’s children. Witnessing the legendary likes of Moe. and Gov’t Mule on such an equally legendary stage was akin to a miracle for most, and it is a night that will live on in their dreams until the next time the Famoe.ly can be united as one again.

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Melodie Yvonne

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