Beware of Darkness Creates Dope Fanatics — Through The Lens

Originally published August 12, 2016 in Through the Lens Magazine: Beware of Darkness Creates Dope Fanatics — Through The Lens


By Melodie Yvonne Ramey

LOS ANGELES, CA – If you only listen to one more song in your life that song should be “Dope” by Beware of Darkness. From the second I heard this song I could not get it out of my head. I have to admit I’m a little gluttonous by nature, so it doesn’t take much to push me into a second, third, or fourth helping of anything. The song is one of only two tracks off of the band’s upcoming album that is available instantly if you pre-order. I’ve had these two songs on repeat since the second the download was complete. The band had previously released an official video for “Dope”, but being able to actually carry the music with me makes me so much more dangerous to myself and others. I force feed everyone in my vicinity until I’ve shoved so much “Dope” into their ears that they can’t help but spew the lyrics out of their mouths right along with the extraordinarily talented vocals of Kyle Nicolaides.  Recently they released another video, a live acoustic performance of the song. The beautiful raw magic these men created in this classic rendition is beyond reproach, and my addiction has gotten worse. I’m that kid at Halloween that digs into the candy and can’t stop until she’s sick. I’m the serial killer that’s tasted first blood. I’m the cult leader that’s discovered a new religion, and it’s way passed time to introduce Beware of Darkness to the masses.

Beware of Darkness came together in 2013. They hale from Los Angeles, and are made up of Kyle Nicolaides, Daniel Joseph Curcio, and Tony Cupito. Their newest album, Are You Real, will be out in September, but I’m really not sure if I can wait much longer because I fear I might spontaneously combust from the anticipation. Initially I was roped in by “Muthafucka” and its adorable kitten riddled lyric video. The kittens in that video are probably the only thing more adorable than the gentlemen making the music themselves, and this is evident in the video that they made for “Dope” as they are carried off in a daring rescue by a personification of the superwomen that they sing so lovingly about. Their album is available for pre-order at, and I suggest you don’t wait because I have a feeling that it will not be too long before this band blows up, and any teeny tiny scrap from their wonderful beginnings and rebirth will be priceless for the many fans that they’ve gained along the way. They’re currently touring, and if you are lucky enough to be near a stop this band is an absolute must see!


Album release date: September 16, Pre-order Are You Real now at

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