Phony Pony


Phony Pony

I’m a one trick pony
At times I’m a phony
but I’m not tryin’ to get in the limelight

I’m climbin’ slowly
Stayin’ down lowly
and I’m learnin’ from all of this hindsight

This love I’m agivin’
is keepin’ me winnin’
but I’ll not walk away in a fair fight

My soul is aquiver
as all of this renders
and I wonder if I’m makin’ this up right

My skin is atingle
The trace of God’s finger
is makin’ a lit path in dark night

My dreams are on fire
My heart is for hire
and this here ball’s lastin’ passed midnight

I’m takin’ y’all with me
well those here that get me
and we’ll stand here right up in plain sight

For life we will linger
Selfless and freer
‘cause being ourselves is our birthright