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In or Out

In or Out by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Let me in or let me out You fill my heavy head with doubt and right now I know you feel hazy but my waiting heart… Continue reading

The Legendary Legacy of Shannon Hoon

Article and photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey *Most times I redo the audio over and over to make  everything match up and all pretty. This time, though, I kept my first try warts and all… Continue reading

What the Hell

What the Hell by Melodie Yvonne Ramey What the hell do I do when I know there’s nobody else like you? What the hell do I say when I want you to leave, but… Continue reading

Looks Like You

Looks Like You by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Looks like you’re having a comfortable ride in that car that I built for two Looks like you’re having an easy time, though, that seat wasn’t made… Continue reading

Average Females Analyzing Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique

Average Females Analyzing Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique by Melodie Yvonne Ramey My beautiful seester, Christina, recently had an assignment for her college level Woman’s Studies course that involved reading an excerpt from… Continue reading

80 Grams

80 Grams by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Exhausted emotions swinging so freely Strayed wishes for someone somewhere to see me I’m getting so tired and wishin’ for solace This sure as hell ain’t what our… Continue reading


Broken by Melodie Yvonne Ramey I’m so fucking broken that I can’t even breathe This constant bullshit pressure has got me on my knees I only need one person to keep their fucking word… Continue reading

Lazy Cyanide

Lazy Cyanide by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Feelin’ like I’m empty Like I’m dyin’ deep inside Comfortably untouchable in numbness where I hide Feelin’ like I’m drowning and my heads a lead balloon My… Continue reading

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Torn between what I got left and what I got to lose Racks my mind and twists my soul It’s givin’ me the blues I wanna know just… Continue reading

My Love Melody

My Love Melody by Melodie Yvonne Ramey I don’t know that I love you but I do know that it’s true that I wanna get all dirty like an animal with you I don’t… Continue reading

The Harmony of Symmetry

The Harmony of Symmetry by Melodie Yvonne Ramey The harmony of symmetry alleviates anxiety unlike the crooked pictures that need straightened and here I sit without you drooping low and all askew like a… Continue reading

The Dream Breakers

The Dream Breakers by Melodie Yvonne Ramey We are the dream makers fighting the dream breakers Hordes of depressed silent masses They seek out the others destroying their brothers Content to be lowly and… Continue reading

Dreaming in Reverse

Dreaming in Reverse by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Every time I’m dreaming my dream I’m back on that bus to Detroit With every tear drop that falls away goes a little bit more of that… Continue reading

Bean Salad

Bean Salad by Melodie Yvonne Ramey A hydro strung necklace and vicodin leash makes him follow me quiet like a good lil leech He follows his momma, still suckles her teets He’s just sweet… Continue reading

Myself Being Me

Myself Being Me by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Being myself is myself being me Unfiltered absurdity’s what I set free I got all these skills and I got what you need But I’m not… Continue reading

A Beautiful Mess Like Me

A Beautiful Mess Like Me by Melodie Yvonne Ramey You are a beautiful mess just like me I see in your arms my safe place to be free but we are two fools… Continue reading

Curvy Line

Curvy Line by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Your silence speaks volumes, much louder than words In fact it’s the loudest noise I’ve ever heard I’m just a curve and I want your line near… Continue reading

I’m Not Gonna Ever

I’m Not Gonna Ever by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Sometimes it’s hate that swallows me whole It permeates skin and wraps around bones and right now it seems like it’s one of those times… Continue reading