My Misery Loves Company

My Misery Loves Company by Melodie Yvonne Ramey I am taut skin over plastic and a heart encased in glass I’m about to shatter if this saving don’t come fast I am lost… Continue reading

An In Depth Look at “Your Moonshines” by Bridget K Roberts

By Bridget K Roberts with an introduction by Melodie Yvonne I got so very tickled recently when I received a message from my dear friend, Bridget, inquiring if she could focus her upcoming college paper on… Continue reading

Hunger, Heartache, & the Pursuit of Nacho Cheese

Hunger, Heartache, & the Pursuit of Nacho Cheese by Melodie Yvonne Ramey So I decided to go to the grocery store to grab a few things around 11pm last night as I like shopping a… Continue reading

Never Stop and Beat That Clock

Never Stop and Beat That Clock by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Face is flush and deep I’m breathing Lookin’ for a train to leave on Jumpin’ off this crazy soap ride I’m so real… Continue reading

Confined in Space & Cleithrophobia

Confined in Space & Cleithrophobia by Melodie Yvonne Ramey I thought I would keep these together as they both have a common theme as well as a shared inspiration in a line or… Continue reading


Senseless by Melodie Yvonne Ramey Listen to me fall apart One tug, one string around my heart Listen to me crumble down ‘Round all this sadness I have found Watch me shrink and… Continue reading

Take A Breath

Take A Breath Just take a breath and finally say goodbye Let me go don’t look me in the eye Tell me that you’ll finally set me free And snap this tethered string… Continue reading

My Broke Apocalypse

My Broke Apocalypse I turn up the music I’m swimming in you Swimming in you With devotion so true Until I wake up And realize again Time has run out You left in… Continue reading

When You Smile

When You Smile When I am old and I forget the things that caused me hurt Don’t remind me of the truth that’s plagued me from my birth When I am old and… Continue reading

Sun Paint Memories

Sun Paint Memories He returns my smile with a steadfast stare I look away, I mustn’t dare Unfaltering is his seeming nature I succumb to godlike stature Tidal waves from brain to tip… Continue reading

Tuna Alarm

Tuna Alarm You demonize a little plant When all you do is bitch and rant Well I’ll not take your demons with me And I guess you’ll never get me This demon I… Continue reading

Tension Climbs Like Rain

Tension Climbs Like Rain Tension climbs my shoulder blades especially when it rains Descending makes me quite insane and my attention fades My neck is tight and shooting flames up my spine into… Continue reading

The Cuddle Fish

The Cuddle Fish He never knew how to love me right or not love me at all He was always all or nothing not knowing love is all He was lost and couldn’t… Continue reading

The Sunshine Buyer

  The Sunshine Buyer “Don’t be scared,” he says, and I’m not I’m just scared when I’m talkin’ to you “Don’t be scared,” he says, and I’m caught Scared to walk away and… Continue reading

Phony Pony

Phony Pony I’m a one trick pony At times I’m a phony but I’m not tryin’ to get in the limelight I’m climbin’ slowly Stayin’ down lowly and I’m learnin’ from all of… Continue reading

Your Moonshines

Your Moonshines How do I accept this blessing without falling completely apart? How do I build myself up, and then turn and break my own heart? How do I follow my starlight when… Continue reading

Dear Guys On Tinder, 10 Professional Tips For A Sexier Profile Picture Now

Believe it or not this post actually does have to do with photography… Not too long ago I had a very interesting conversation with a couple of my favorite gentleman about the usage… Continue reading


Lazy Lazy my mind won’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout you Besides if it did, what would I do? I’m waitin’ and wishin’ & breathin’ while dreamin’ And keepin’ my mind safe from all other… Continue reading