Outside the Walls

Outside the Walls by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

(Originally written for Creative Writing at JCHS in October 1993)

As I walk out my door, I feel the same as any other time.  I know that when I leave the security of my home I must, again, confront the outside world.  The impregnable walls of my room are now gone.

Today is somewhat dreary.  I cannot wander far for it is raining.  I am content to sit and gaze at the world from the quiet seclusion of my garage.

I look around and noticed I am alone.  No one else has ventured from their homes today.  There are no children playing or people walking as there would be on any given sunny day.  There is no noise except the tapping of the rain hitting the ground, and an occasional vehicle passing by.  Everything appears dead.  All of the leaves have fallen from the trees and lay upon the wet ground.

The sky is gray and unpenetrated by any sunlight.  I become mesmerized by a single puddle.  With each drop of rain, a momentary circle is formed, and then disappears only to be replaced by another.

Today, although really no different from any other day, seems a little more real in my mind.  All it really takes is just a moment to step back and look at the world from a different view to appreciate it more.  I guess everything looks a little bit better when one looks at it from a distant.


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