Sonny Boy Thorn’s Tantalizing Teaser

Originally published in Through the Lens Magazine on December 27, 2015

Article and photos by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

By Melodie Ramey

CALIFORNIA – Sonny Boy Thorn has burst onto the music scene this year breathing new life into this stale world of computer generated beats. Somewhere along the way musicians forgot they were suppose to be playing instruments, and Christopher Thorn and David Dennis are here to remind us not just how to play them, but how to use them as incinerators to blow up these musical Terminators and save the day.

Sonny Boy Thorn began as a collaboration between guitarist-songwriter-producer, Christopher Thorn, of Blind Melon, and vocalist-songwriter David Dennis of Voxhaul Broadcast. They spent months writing and recording with friends and renowned artists like Hayden Scott from AWOLNATION, Matt Flynn of Maroon 5, Rami Jaffee from Foo Fighters and The Wallflowers, and Glen Graham of Blind Melon to create the masterpiece that will eventually be their full length album. They were recently joined in performing by Tony Cupito and Daniel Curcio of Beware of Darkness, and have now become an unstoppable force. Sonny Boy Thorn has definitely been making the rounds, getting their name out there, and making sure that their voices are heard. They wow audiences every place they go reeling in the listener, and keeping them hooked wanting more. Fans that have been lucky enough to discover Sonny Boy Thorn through random internet browsing are already chomping at the bit, and the ones that have seen them live are all frothing at the mouths for more.

It looks as though the band’s newly devoted fans were all very good this year because just in time for Christmas Sonny Boy Thorn has released a little something that we have all begged Santa for. They have released a limited edition 4 song sampler, and if that’s not enough, the sampler is signed by Christopeher Thorn and David Dennis as well. Since I have witnessed first hand the incredible talents of these gentleman I did what any self respecting die hard music fan would do… I bought 3 copies. I will admit I had already taken advantage of their downloadable musical gifts by signing up for their newsletter to obtain 3 of the 4 songs, but having no clue about the 4th I still knew it would be spectacular. Their musical passion has the soul of Stevie Ray Vaughan crossed with the classic rock of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and the like.

DSC02181 DSC02188

The 1st song of the 4 on the limited edition signed sampler is a song titled “Dance to the Beat”. I could immediately tell that the musical electricity between Christopher and David could light up Las Vegas. My legs started dancing to the beat as if they were tied to a string, and David Dennis is the master of puppets. This song has a ferocious beat that left me longing for more.

Track 2, “Beware”, is where the rhythms really start getting thick in the air, and dancing becomes a fine line between swaying and swimming. The only thing I think a listener has to beware of with this track is the animalistic desire that might take over, and cause them to shred every particle of clothing, and run out to howl at the moon. My body is coaxed along to the song by the perfect melding of timed rythm and carnal chaos. By the end of the song I’m left with a fear that these 4 songs samples won’t be enough. It’s possible that Sonny Boy Thorn has bit off more than they can chew, and won’t be able to satiate the thirst they have created for their addictive melodies.

The 3rd song on the sampler begins, and I’m brought back from that late night at the moontower, thrust in the middle of an adolescent country cruise back in the days of true freedom. Suddenly, I’m drivin’ with my buddies at top speed with the wind in my hair smokin that left handed cigarette, and hoping I left the cops back on the highway. “Wild & Free” embodies this pure nostalgia. It is one of those rare songs in history that is a classic the moment the notes touch the air. When hearing those beautiful words sung by David Dennis the listener knows that as long as they don’t stop dancing every single letter of every word and note will be true until infinity. The feelings of freedom and love created by this song might just be enough to carry me over until the full album comes out.

Last, but definitely not least I’m chillin’ to the 4th and final song, a beautiful mellow melody named “Ain’t That the Deal”. I can already hear the story in the first few chords, and I know I don’t want it to end.  Thorn’s extraordinary strumming speaks with that same intensity conveyed in Dennis’s vehement voice. This is the perfect final song with its lullaby ending that drifts me off into a dream where the full album is finally available free, and all I have to do is stream. Until then get Sonny Boy Thorn’s spectacular signed limited edition 4 song sampler now in their online store before it’s too late!

Find out more about Sonny Boy Thorn on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , at, and check out their performance at Melonfest 2015 below.

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